Bi-weekly Call (2 AM UTC, November 02, 2023)

@Mitchell @nat Hello! This is a friendly reminder to set the agenda for the next the next IKP WG meeting!
I have created a google docs for the next agenda so feel free to edit. – I haven’t changed the content from last call.

Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 842 6073 1068

I have included Block #9 as a core agenda item;
We should cover

  • Attendance
  • Future Work Items
  • Workshop sessions
  • Preparation of runsheets per session and the inclusion of these in the Discourse IKP Block 9
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Thank you!
Sorry I will not be able to participate the meeting, but I will give the host to the chairs in the beginning.

Is the call supposed to be pegged to 2 AM UTC or pegged to eastern time? I have two conflicting calendar entries…

Hmm I believe it has always been 11AM JST == 2AM UTC
May I ask what time did you think it was?

I have two entries: one created by ts1433 and one by Joey. The former is 12:00 JST and the latter is 11:00 JST so I wanted to be sure.

11AM JST should be official

@ts1433 Hello, may I confirm the time? Has anything changed?

11 AM JST is the official one!
will change the invite soon

Thank you very much!