【Block#10 Call for Contribution】Challenges and Innovation of On-Chain Analysis (Day3)

We are looking for Main Discussants for Block#10! In the next BGIN event, we are (partially) opening up Main Discussant positions to anybody willing to share and discuss ‘Challenges of On-Chain Analysis’ based on research papers, white papers, and reports that have been published or new ideas/suggestions from you! Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions below. We are looking forward to your contribution!!

Below are the potential topics to be discussed.

・Differences in regulations in each jurisdiction might deter authorities from collaborating. Solutions?
・Collaboration between authorities and blockchain analysis companies - what are the pain points to realize such collaboration on both sides? Any good example of collaboration?
・Related to the point above, what evidence can be evidence to crack down on illicit activities?
・Different techniques for investigating different activities - What are the current challenges of on-chain analysis? what is the future of on-chain analysis with new technologies?