【Block#10 Call for Contribution】Financial Stability Challenges (Day1)

We are looking for Main Discussants for Block#10! In the next BGIN event, we are (partially) opening up Main Discussant positions to anybody willing to share and discuss ‘Financial Stability Challenges’ based on research papers, white papers, and reports that have been published or new ideas/suggestions from you! Please feel free to share your ideas and suggestions below. We are looking forward to your contribution!!

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There is some reference material for workshop.
GFSR IMF: stability (2021)
IMF-OCC conference (2024)

Video: Digital Payment transformation in the US labor market (2024)
Talks: Shin’ichiro Matsuo, Gerogetown Univ, James Angel, GT univ and Jumpei Miwa (Recruit, Tokyo Tech)

Couple of links related to the conversations that took place:

“Retail Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDC), Disintermediation and Financial Privacy: The Case of the Bahamian Sand Dollar”

DREX in Brazil

In Singapore: