Approaching to World Coin

As far as I see the website and SNS, they don’t accept messages directly. Is there anyone who knows a contact person?

Unfortunately, I do not …

No author name at their blog. Why don’t they add their hash value of iris data to the article :slight_smile:

Hi - I think I do have one contact. What would be the topic of discussion?

Hi @JBringer

Thank you for waiting.
We will hold a workshop session to discuss privacy impact of worldcoin (see the following time table). We strongly need a discussant from WorldCoin.

It’s a horrible idea and a typical VC backed token grift.

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Hi @samson.mow, welcome to the Discourse

There are many angole regarding the discussion/debates re: world coin. Your point is one of them. Privacy impact is another one. The difficulty is privacy impact by World Coin may be more serious as it is connected more direct financial incentive than AdTech.

There is a session on day 3 of BGIN Block #9 (November 20) on this issue. Could you join remotely?

It’s possible. Can you or the organizer write to My team coordinates my schedule.

Hi Samson,

Thanks. I will send an email to the mail address.

Shin’ichiro Matsuo, Ph.D.
Research Professor, Department of Computer Science, Georgetown University
Cyber SMART Director, and Lead Researcher, Blockchain Eco-System

Unfortunately, still no reply from my contacts there.

@JBringer I gor it. Thank you for your time.

I contacted one of the developers. Waiting for the reply.

haha they probably don’t add it because they know they can’t change the hash once they compute it (1 iris always = 1 hash) ~ can’t really revoke your eyeballs like you can a VC