Bi-weekly Call(1PM UTC, December 20th, 2023)

Here is the link to agenda:

@leonmol @ChloeWhiteAus Feel free to add any topic to discuss in the meeting.

Meeting link:

Meeting ID: 837 4397 6349

Sorry I will be absent for this meeting due to fever…

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We will skip the meeting 3rd January 2024 due to holidays and will re-convene 17th January at our regular time.
Enjoy your breaks!

@luluito @shinichiro.matsuo
can you please check the main page of bgin web site. it still says no calls for dtwg for some reason …

Thank you for letting us know, we will fix asap!

@luluito Could you please send out invites for the tomorrow’s call?

Thank you for reminding me. I have sent the reminder via google calendar.