Block #9 Soulbound Token Discussion

Soulbound Token Community Engagement System for Block #9

I’ve invited @Austin_Zhu to build a POC SBT membership platform so participants can mint their way through the meeting depending on which workshops and where they participate.

This category is for the discussion and planning around this concept.

Hopefully this becomes an ongoing onchain engagement tool for the organisation.

Think of it as a more curated POAP system.


As discussed;

  1. Webpage which allows users to scan qr codes and mint SBTs specific to BGIN Block 9 participation
  2. Multiple types of SBTs per day/panel/workshop
  3. some options to make designs for these SBTs
  4. Listing the stats for participation on the website
  5. Access to a link within the Discourse community for MINTING the SBT
  6. Printed QR codes on the event banners / presentation JPGs which link to SBTs for minting

Budget - Some Gas money.


  1. Integration with the Discourse group
  2. ongoing SBT for community achievement / milestones of participation
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Hi Mitchell,

I would like to have the design for the SBT. Can you prepare that?
For the chain, I recommend Optimism for their cheap gas fees and their community culture of public goods.

I need a wallet for paying the gas fee of minting. Please notify me the address once you have that setup.


Hi Austin,

I agree we should be using a L2 for gas optimisation and tend to agree with the recommendation on OP. Will confirm after the steering co meeting wednesday

Thank you - we will have a design made up in the next week for these SBTs to display representing participation in the Block #9 conversation

The wallet @shinichiro.matsuo would you like for Soulbis to nominate a wallet or shall we make one for BGIN to pay for the nominal gas fees required for a SBT activation

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Hi Mitchell,

Thank you!

Regarding to the “multiple types of SBT” you mentioned, although our ERC-5727 SBT supports multi-layered SBT structure. I suggest to have one SBT variant per event day. Otherwise we need to create images and QR codes for each panel/workshop. It also adds more complexity to the software & management side.

As for the wallet, there are two solutions:

  1. use an EOA wallet controlled by BGIN staff
  2. use relays such as OpenZeppelin Defender (need to register an account)

I agree,

We should have One SBT per day -

BGIN - Decentralised Governance
BGIN - Financial Applications (Decentralised Treasury)
BGIN - Non-financial Applications (Identity, Key Management, Privacy
BGIN - Blockchain Governance Initiative Network in Australia

let me confirm with you regarding the wallet solution after Wednesday morning steering committee meeting

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Would you be able to discuss with Austin with regards to the BGIN wallet setup to control the smart contracts for our SBT initiative ?

Hi @Austin_Zhu

I’ve created the designs for each day SBT;

See the folder here for the content. I’ve also linked you to the design file in our DM

Let me know what else you need, @0xvon if you could sync into this with regards to the wallet governance for this initiative

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Hi @Austin_Zhu @Mitchell.

I’ve just finished the lanyard design for the event. If it’s viable, we can mint this ‘Knowledge Bound Token’ to symbolise the knowledge gained from attending for both in-person & virtual participants.

Block #9 Lanyard (3)

What your thoughts?

@shinichiro.matsuo @nat

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Do you have specific requirements of the description of each type of NFTs?
Also titles of the NFTs, currently I’m using something like “BGIN Block #9 - Nov.19”
Here is an sample: BGIN Block #9 - Nov.19 - BGIN Block #9 | OpenSea

I like the idea of using the following; will confer with the group next steering co meeting

BGIN Block #9 Knowledge Bound Token: Financial Applications
BGIN Block #9 Knowledge Bound Token: Non-Financial Applications
BGIN Block #9 Knowledge Bound Token: Governance
BGIN Block #9 Knowledge Bound Token: Industry

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Hi, I just want to confirm how everything is going on the wallet part.
I almost finished the mint site, and I would like to deploy the contract on OP.

Hi @0xvon

If you are unable to do the wallet side of things, I suggest we sign up for OpenZeppelin Defender so the account can be shared. I’ve made a chat for this conversation. @Austin_Zhu

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