[Regular Call] Ops-WG Call #7 (11 AM UTC | May 28 2024)

What we discussed in Call#6
・Goal statement of BGIN

Agenda of Call#7
・BGIN’s goal statement - hope we can finalize it!

・Brief introduction on the idea of the Sustaining Sponsorship Program

・project commitments for the next one year

  • Our standards/best practices production will be the most essential sponsor benefit. We want to talk about which projects we can commit to for the next 2-3 years

・A list of venues to host small events for the next 1 year

  • We are thinking of hosting smaller events collocated with large blockchain events - the first one will be ETHGlobal at SF this October. We wanted to make a list of blockchain events that some of you will travel for and determine the schedule for the next year.
    BGIN Block#11/12/13/14 Location List - Google Sheets

・Election of Co-Chairs and Steering Committee Members at Block#11

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I strongly support the proposed changes. However unfortunately, might be absent from subsequent WG meetings due to my personal injury, which resulted in brain surgery and hospitalization.

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II`m trying to login. Please wait

Ken, I am sorry to hear that. Please get better soon. We will miss you !