[Regular Call] Ops-WG Call #9 (11 AM UTC | June 25 2024)

Discussion in the last call

  1. Mission Statement
    Blockchain Governance Initiative Network (BGIN) is a non-profit organization that creates neutral forums for in-depth discussions among all stakeholders, documenting a common language to establish shared understanding. It also fosters innovation, best practices, guidelines, and standards for blockchain governance in operational, regulatory, and technical spheres.

・We agreed that, when using the mission statement, we should also describe who are our “stakeholders” so that we can be open to everybody and will not discourage people to join us, like “Our stakeholders include business operators, developers, regulators, academia, and users.”

  1. Layer 2 Meetup
    we are still open to other volunteers who hold a meetup event collocated with conferences any of you will attend. @Mitchell just wanted to let you know that ETHCC has a conflict with Olympics in Paris… :sweat_smile:
  1. BGIN Working Groups Communication Guideline
    I made the draft of the guideline, as mentioned in the last call. Please feel free to add any comments.
    BGIN Working Group Dialogue Guideline - Google Docs

  2. BGIN Website Renewal
    We are also open to comments on our website design. We are planning to update the website soon to make sure all necessary information is publicly available, and finish the complete renewal by Block#11 at latest.
    Thanks, Mitchell, for making comments. Amanda also has the same opinion - we should delete the details of sponsorship programs!

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  1. Layer 2 Meetup
    I would like to quickly introduce what we have done for the preparation of Layer 2 Meetup @Zurich and explain how we prepare for other incoming Layer 2 meetups.

  2. BGIN Working Groups Communication Guideline
    I made the draft of the guideline. Please review it before the call.
    BGIN Working Group Dialogue Guideline - Google Docs

  3. Steering Committee / Co-Chair election @Block#11
    I will explain the details during the call!
    Election at Block#11 - Google Slides

  4. How to Secure Project Leaders
    I have an idea, so let me explain it during the call.
    BGIN Strategy (as of June 24 2024) - Google Slides