[Regular Call] Ops-WG Call #6 (11 AM UTC | May 14 2024)

In Call#5, we discussed the venue and dates for Block#12 and later. Below is the list of candidates we created in the meeting. Please feel free to put other candidates by the next meeting. The first candidates for Block#12 and Block#13 are in yellow on the sheet.

Now that it’s confirmed that we will have Block#11 in Washington, DC, and a smaller event in SF this October, we will put up the announcement on our website and social media soon.

Below is the agenda for the next meeting, Call#6.
・Confirm the Date/Venue of Block#12 and #13
・Discuss BGIN’s Mission Statements
Please take a look at the drafted mission statements below and make comments.

Mission statement draft

(FYI: transcript of the speech by Shigeru Ariizumi in Block#10)