[Regular Call] Ops-WG Call #4 (11 AM UTC | April 16 2024)

Hi everyone,

Given the limited time between now and the Point Zero Forum (July 1-3), we would like to consider collocating with other events in August or later. I created a spreadsheet list of the events/conferences for collocation. We would appreciate it if you all could add other events/conferences that you find well-suited for BGIN’s collocation before the next Ops-WG. We would like to make a final decision on the date and venue of Block#11 within a week with the approval of the Steering Committee.

Spreadsheet link


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Considerations for deciding the venue
・Geographical diversity
・Scale of other events/conferences
・Types of other events/conferences
・Presence of potential local chairs (whose roles include venue selection and marketing to potential local sponsors/participants)

we need to cancel today’s meeting because most people are not available. Sorry for the short notice. We will reschedule it later this week (or early next week at latest)