[Regular Call] Ops-WG Call #3 (1 AM UTC | April 10 2024)

Hi everyone,

Given the limited time between now and the Point Zero Forum (July 1-3), we would like to consider collocating with other events in August or later. I created a spreadsheet list of the events/conferences for collocation. We would appreciate it if you all could add other events/conferences that you find well-suited for BGIN’s collocation in advance of the next Ops-WG. We would like to make a final decision on the date and venue of Block#11 within two weeks with the approval of the Steering Committee.

Spreadsheet link

Considerations for deciding the venue
・Geographical diversity
・Scale of other events/conferences
・Types of other events/conferences
・Presence of potential local chairs (whose roles include venue selection and marketing to potential local sponsors/participants)

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OK. I suggest to expand it in order to follow the main conferences we want to be colocated with over the year.

Thank you Jurian! Yes we will expand it eventually. We need to decide the next one ASAP so I just prioritized making a list of events in August / September / October

Web3 Summit Berlin August