I-weekly Call (1AM UTC, February, 2024)

Hi, we will share with you all the agenda of IKP WG on Feb 14 in this thread!

I thought it’s scheduled on 1AM UTC, Feb 14th. How can I access to the meeting? Any zoom links?

I thought it is planned at 1 am UTC on February 15: tomorrow).

Ah okay so the first message in this thread had a little error. Thank you for the notice.

Hi! I’m Saki Otsuki from NEC Corporation.
I’d like to give a brief explanation about our research of key management for tommorow. Where can I upload my presentation files?

@saki-otsuki If you have not uploaded your presentation file anywhere yet, feel free to share it here on this thread.

Sorry for the delay. It seems I can only upload image files, how can I upload a PDF file?

How about putting your file in your Google Drive and share the link? thanks!

Here is the link to the presentation file.
By the way, how much time will I be given for my presentation in the session on March 5th? Will it be about the same as last time?