Invitation from TRM Labs

Sorry for cross-posting, but I got this from TRM Labs.
It might be related to some of the discussions that we had yesterday.

From: Agustina Sejak
To: Nat Sakimura

Hi Nat,

I’m Agustina from TRM. I wanted to invite you and your team to a two-part training we will hold for regulators.

Our expert speakers from TRM and Kroll – including former regulators from the UK and Singapore – will unpack how public blockchain data is transforming regulation and supervision, and explain how regulators can leverage blockchain analytics to make sense of crypto asset activities in their jurisdictions.

Each part has two showings, one live and one recorded:

Part One:

LIVE: April 30, 2024; 9am BST

Simu-live: May 2, 2024; 10am EST; 3pm BST

Part Two:

LIVE: May 14, 3pm BST

Simu-live: May, 15 8am BST

Please let me know if you’d like to participate, and I’ll ensure you and your team are added to the attendee list.

Best regards,

Agustina Sejak

TRM Labs, Inc

450 Townsend St,

San Francisco, CA 94107

Hi Nat-san, is it possible to sign me up for this event? please let me know Agustina’s email so that I can register myself if that is okay.

I am interested in attending as well. Would you mind lettimg me know their contacts so that I can inquire if even I, not a regulator, can join?

Ken Katayama

Apparently, it is for the people who ahs mail address. Maybe I can ask for mail address in the future but not know. I will let her know.

Could you kindly give me your address?

Many thanks for clarification. I fully understand and withdraw my inqury.
Pls continue dialogue with ts1433.