Bi-weekly Call(1PM UTC, October 25th, 2023)

[WG Announcement: DT Working Group]

Decentralized Treasury Working Group(DTWG)’s meeting will be held this week!

  • Date: Oct 25th, Wednesday (Bi-weekly meeting)
  • Time: 1PM (UTC)
  • How to join: sign up LinkedIn
  • Place: Online

---- Agenda
DTWG Meeting Agenda(2023-09-27)

----- Zoom Link

Meeting ID: 817 8599 3941

Passcode: 562530

@leonmol – Feel free to add more contents or revise them and share with other members! I might be wrong for some points.

Meeting notes

  • Create topics relevant to the industry and that we want to communicate to regulators

  • DAO vs BGIN topic

  • Communication Platform(Telegram/Discourse)

    • Telegram is good for short notification, but the conversation is not open
      • Need a guide to telegram if you want to use to invite new members
    • Discourse is open to public, but weak on short notification.
      • Need a conversation to motive people to onboard to a brand new platform.
    • How to bridge two conversations? – Conversations done in Telegram could be updated on discourse as well. – who?
  • Redefining the Value of DTWG

    • Figure out the objective of DTWG members through this activities.