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We have created a new category for Decentralized Treasury Working Group(DTWG)!
Meeting will be held today 2PM(GMT) – Bi-weekly Call(2PM GMT, September 27th, 2023)

Please join by adding the category to your main screen!
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[WG announcement] The next IKP-WG’s meeting will be held at October 19th!
Anyone interested in this topic is invited! Feel free to join us!

Time zone: UTC 2:00AM(Thu) = EDT 22:00PM(Wed) = PDT19:00PM(Wed) = CET4:00AM(Thu) = JST11:00AM(Thu) = AET(Thu)12:00PM

For zoom links and agendas:

:movie_camera: [UPDATE: Block#9 Recording Available]:movie_camera:

We have published Block#9 recordings on Youtube except Workshop sessions! However, for people who have joined this BGIN discourse community, we will share a google drive link that contains Workshop session’s recording! (Please not distribute this google drive’s link)


Google Drive: