Blockchain Analysis Standardization Proposal

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That is a great proposal. Have you already considered a venue for such standard?

To my opinion, analysis methods rely more and more on AI, and thus we will have to position it as well with respect to AI regulations regarding sensitive applications, including documentation and transparency.

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I think the proposal is overall quite comprehensive and on point! Just wanted to clarify what you exactly refer to with “Setting technical standards that enable interoperability of data and analysis tools”?

@JBringer Thank you! great point, I heard several firms have already started using AI. It would be okay to let AI analyze only on-chain data since on-chain data is disclosed anyway, but what if they use AI to analyze off-chain data, which might be sensitive information. I am not sure if they use AI in such a way that they need consideration of AI regulations but we can delve deep into this point.

@mila thank you for your comment! For example, if the tools and data used by Analysis Company A are not interoperable with the tools and data used by Analysis Company B, customers may not be able to utilize data and analysis results from past analyses by other analysis companies in future analyses. This leads to vendor lock-in. To be honest, I do not know what specific tools are used (whether they are really not disclosed at all or I just don’t know), so I don’t know what specific technical standards are needed, but I feel that just creating a standard for data format used for analysis, for example, would be effective.

thank you for the explanation! you could potentially add “to avoid vendor lock in” to the point. just a suggestion :slight_smile:

I am not sure if it is relevant, but I got this invitation from TRM Lab.
If you are interested…

From: Agustina Sejak
To: Nat Sakimura

Hi Nat,

I’m Agustina from TRM. I wanted to invite you and your team to a two-part training we will hold for regulators.

Our expert speakers from TRM and Kroll – including former regulators from the UK and Singapore – will unpack how public blockchain data is transforming regulation and supervision, and explain how regulators can leverage blockchain analytics to make sense of crypto asset activities in their jurisdictions.

Each part has two showings, one live and one recorded:

Part One:

LIVE: April 30, 2024; 9am BST

Simu-live: May 2, 2024; 10am EST; 3pm BST

Part Two:

LIVE: May 14, 3pm BST

Simu-live: May, 15 8am BST

Please let me know if you’d like to participate, and I’ll ensure you and your team are added to the attendee list.

Best regards,

Agustina Sejak

TRM Labs, Inc

450 Townsend St,

San Francisco, CA 94107

This is a really interesting proposal, I am working on a way to solve some of these challenges @ts1433, would love to share some thoughts on this topic

@Josh_Mercer-Deadman Thank you! I actually received good feedback from some people and will upload a new version later.