Innovating on KYC with ZK SBTs

Dear BGIN,

I invite you to provide comments on our recent blog article, “Redefining KYC.”

The goal of this article is to open up the conversation around the importance of identity verification for distributed web applications but also provide a look into the privacy and implementation challenges.

Specifically, we look at how zero knowledge KYC can be useful for verifying facts about users without revealing information about that user. Areas we’d like to push the conversation along are

  • Most KYC solutions still rely on showing a credential to “someone” to get a sign off. What are ways we can improve privacy by having credentials or people self attest to themselves without the need for a third party identity authority to sign off on the credential.

  • Privacy should be a default setting, however it should also be amenable to unforeseen contingencies that necessitate the release of information. What are the concerns, complexities, and technological methods we can employ to push along programmable privacy for use-cases such as whistleblowers, anticrime enforcement, wills & estate, etc.

Keen to hear thoughts, ideas, and opinions =)


Could you input this to our discussion at BGIN Block #9? It will be held in Sydney from Novemner19-22. Remote participation is welcome.

I am happy to share our work at BGIN #9 remotely. Please note however i am on CEST (UTC+2) time at the moment. Open to academic discourse and paper proposals around this topic as well!

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Please take a look at the current program and register!
We will discuss this topic on day 3.