Wallet Governance, Policy and Key Management Study Report


Looking forward to the next working group call for IKP this Thursday, 11am UTC 20th June

I have made some contributions to the Wallet Governance Paper, under the section 8: @saki-otsuki,

8. Wallets as a Financial Technology

I’d like the groups feedback on a couple of aspects before we continue to write the Wallets as a Governance Tool and Wallets for Identity sections 9, 10.

Uniform in format: I suggest that the sections (8,9,10[finance, governance, identity]) to be uniform in format, thereby contributing to the readability of the paper. It’d be helpful if you could make comment on if this format of sharing the information to be good or any suggestions?

Content: while some of the content may seem obvious, something I’ve noticed is a significant knowledge gap in this understanding of what ‘wallet’ we are talking about. This is what spurred the paper to begin with - the summary style content helps with this regard as there is a lot of use cases and its a massive topic. Let me know what we think about this too.

Finally, I’ve added Recommendations for Blockchain Wallet Types for Different Financial Applications - This references back the great work @saki-otsuki has contributed in identifying the types of blockchain wallets and putting them under a list. which may emerge towards a bgin “best practices or standards” momentum. It is this section I think our collective wisdom can contribute to, I don’t expect my opinion to be correct in these trade-offs and categorisations. Would this be better as a section on its own perhaps?

See you soon!

apologies: I won’t be able to join this Thursday call.

here is a link to the IKP telegram group FYI doing updates in both forum and tg for now.

Update from the IKP working group call:

Key feedback:

  1. Identifying the purpose of the document:
    Educational on what is a blockchain(and/or) digital wallet
    Detailed on Blockchain Wallets to provide more nuance to the industry.
  2. Next steps: work on the wallets for governance section of the document.
  3. Confirm the scope of mentioning alternative wallets.

Question for the BGIN Network:

Should we focus on ONLY Blockchain wallets, or should this group also provide some context to the alternatives at a high level?

It will allow for a comparative analysis and provide some perspective.

We may need to find additional support for the review of digital wallets, unrelated to blockchain. Perhaps (Open Wallet Foundation?) @Daniel_Goldscheider

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Updated the document to include a wallet governance section that follows the format:

Wallet Governance functions:

Staking Goverance
Protocol Governance
DAO Governance
Transactional Governance
Oracle Governance

Wallet types
Scores: security privacy & ease of use
Use Case story

Additional technology
Wallet Abstraction
Soul Wallets
Confidential Compute

Looking for feedback in the next working group call, on the above and this new addition to the paper.

Mitchell :slight_smile: