Test Discussion

Hello. Can you reply this?

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Hello. I’ve just join this thread.

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Hi - it works, I am on sick leave for a little more — slow communications

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just joined. Do you know the difference between topics and channels ? (for instance this test discussion is different from the one we can find in “general channels”)

Channel is α group chat without thread. I think we don’t use channels for discussion.

Lulu’s this document as an intro is very helpful.


Do we keep all the discussions in one channel “General” or we create a channel per WG?

One category per one working group. There is DTWG category.

well, I see there are categories and there are channels.
How will channels be used?

I think we don’t use channels for discussions.

Hello, This is Chill just joined.
I have a business plan for L1chain network & wallet App.
Nice to meet you!!!